jacks centre indoor bowls club - latchingdon                                                             Tuesday  25/2/2020

Over 60's County Tables
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Falcon (A)62921969630
Jacks (A)62452103525
Clacton (A)62532054823
Colchester (A)62682165220
Rayleigh (A)6242238420
West Mersea (A)6178268-9010
Harwich (A)6198294-969
Walton (A)6218267-497

ClubGame 1 ShotsGame 2 ShotsPointsClubGame 1 ShotsGame 2 ShotsPoints
Clacton (A)15282Falcon (A)24244
Clacton (A)28194Harwich (A)14182
Clacton (A)17266Walton (A)16170
Clacton (A)28246West Mersea (A)8130
Colchester (A)21154Clacton (A)14192
Falcon (A)11444Harwich (A)2672
Falcon (A)30246West Mersea (A)10160
Falcon (A)23226Colchester (A)17120
Falcon (A)31246Rayleigh (A)16170
Harwich (A)24162Walton (A)22264
Harwich (A)12140Colchester (A)38306
Harwich (A)17160Jacks (A)22206
Jacks (A)33134Colchester (A)14252
Jacks (A)20194Walton (A)10262
Jacks (A)21112Falcon (A)12234
Rayleigh (A)16193Clacton (A)18173
Rayleigh (A)27266West Mersea (A)16120
Rayleigh (A)21154Colchester (A)12262
Rayleigh (A)22181Jacks (A)23185
Walton (A)12180Colchester (A)25336
Walton (A)22190Rayleigh (A)24216
West Mersea (A)2072Jacks (A)15304
West Mersea (A)24103Harwich (A)11233
West Mersea (A)16265Walton (A)16141